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Sub-40ms latency in the Oceania Region.

6 high performance PoPs in Australia & New Zealand

$ 60.00/month 720.00/year

  • SUB-40MS Low Latency
  • Australian & New Zealand Audiences
  • 6 High Performance POP's
  • 1TB Included Data
  • Additional Data charged at $0.06 per GB


Sub-40ms latency in the Western Hemisphere.

58 high performance PoPs in U.S, Canada & Europe

$ 30.00/month 360.00/year

  • SUB-40MS Low Latency
  • Western Hemisphere Audiences
  • 58 High Performance POP's
  • 1TB Included Data
  • Additional Data charged at $0.02 per GB


Sub-40ms latency, globally.

120+ high performance PoPs in U.S, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Middle East, India, Asia, Australia, South America & South Africa

$ 120.00/month 1440.00/year

  • SUB-40MS Low Latency
  • Worldwide Audiences
  • 120+ High Performance POP's
  • 1TB Included Data
  • Additional Data charged at $0.08 per GB

*Prices Includes GST 10%.



Through our partners we offer the largest worldwide network, enabling you to spin up and easily scale a low latency infrastructure solution no matter where you or your customers may be!


Features That Supercharge Your Website

Instant Activation

Get started instantly! As soon as you complete your purchase, our CDN service is ready to spring into action and speed up your website.

Accelerated Performance

Our CDN service significantly boosts your website's speed and performance. By caching your site's content in servers around the world, we ensure that your visitors always enjoy a fast and responsive experience, no matter their location.

Global Network

Our CDN service is powered by multiple data centers around the world. This ensures your website's content is delivered to your visitors swiftly, no matter where they are.

Automatic Content Optimization

Our CDN service automatically optimizes your site's content, compressing images and scripts for faster delivery. This ensures your website always loads swiftly, providing a seamless browsing experience for your visitors.

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Any Questions?

What is CDN Hosting?

CDN is a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). CDN Hosting utilises this network by taking a majority of your static and dynamic content and serves it from across the globe, decreasing download times. Generally the closer the CDN server is to the website visitor, the faster the web page and its assets will load for them.

Whats the Difference Between CDN and Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is used to host your website on a server and let users access it over the internet. A CDN is about speeding up the access/delivery of your website’s assets to those users. Traditional web hosting would deliver 100% of your content to the user. If users are located across the world, the user must wait for the data to be retrieved from where your web server is located. A CDN takes a majority of your static and dynamic content and serves it from across the globe, decreasing download times. Most times, the closer the CDN server is to the web visitor, the faster assets will load for them.

What Can Be Hosted On A CDN?

CDN Hosting accelerates the delivery of your websites, images, video content and other assets for the ultimate user experience. It can be used to deliver your entire website, including dynamic, static, interactive, and streaming content across 170+ locations around the world.

How Will a CDN Benefit My Website?

Think of our CDN as a global team of couriers, always ready to deliver your website's content to your visitors as quickly as possible. No matter where your visitors are, our CDN ensures they experience your website at lightning speed, which means more engagement and satisfaction for your users.

I Run a Small Website. Do I Still Need a CDN?

Even if your website is small or doesn't have a lot of traffic yet, a CDN can still be beneficial. It ensures that as your audience grows, your site will continue to load quickly. Plus, a CDN can also provide a boost in your website's search engine rankings, as speed is a key factor in SEO.

Is It Difficult to Set Up a CDN for My Website?

Not at all! Our team is here to help you set up our CDN service for your website. We take care of the technical details, so you don't have to worry about them. With our simple setup process, your website will be loading faster in no time.

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